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Sunday Parish Bulletin 





 Fr. Novajosky’s Note


    Dear Members of the Cathedral Parish,

    After a few days of starts and stops for the students due to the “excessive heat,” the school year seems to be underway officially. In just a few days, we are going to be starting our next year of faith formation as well! I’m excited to offer the opportunity to participate to any members of the parish. Allow me to explain.

    Beginning this Tuesday, September 18, catechumens (those seeking Baptism, Confirmation and the Holy Eucharist) and candidates (those seeking Baptism and/or Confirmation) will gather together as part of the Cathedral Parish community on most Tuesdays until Easter for a time of prayer, formation and study. Most weeks will consist of the initial gathering and attendance, a short time of devotional prayer, a presentation in English or Spanish (two different locations) and time for small groups to meet with their catechists. Any member of the parish can join for prayer and the presentation. We will keep the bulletin updated with the topics for several upcoming weeks in order to help you to plan if you wish to attend. In addition, you can get a preview of the presentation for that week in the bulletin with the handouts and worksheets that are provided for the catechumens and candidates. Over the course of the twoyear program, we will cover a range of topics including the existence of God, the sacraments, Mary, prayer and much more. I would also direct you to our website (www.thecathedralparish.org) for information.

    I have thoughts to utilize the website more. There is already lots of good stuff on it, but we can use it for more. For example, we intend to use the website to stream the Solemn High Mass (I’m writing this on Monday so hopefully it all goes to plan on Friday night). We have wireless internet access already at St. Patrick church and should have the same capability at St. Augustine by the time that you read this bulletin. If things go to plan, we will have live streams of at least all of the major liturgies. To take it a step further, imagine the possibility of 247 viewing to see what’s happening in either church at that moment, or even just to check in and see the flickering of the sanctuary lamp and be reminded of the Lord’s presence. In addition, I am toying with the idea of a blog so that you could a bit more easily know my thoughts more often than the Sunday bulletin, receive parish updates and communicate with me in an additional manner. The website also can provide more resources and be a means of selfformation in the faith with online programs and studies. Stay tuned for more and, as always, I welcome your feedback.

    Have a great week and see you again soon. You are in my prayers daily, especially during the offering of the sacrifice of the Holy Mass. Saint Augustine and Saint Patrick, our patrons, pray for us!

Fr. Novajosky





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