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Sunday Parish Bulletin 





 Fr. Novajosky’s Note


    Dear Members of the Cathedral Parish,

    It seems that we have a brief lull in big and special events this week so I would to take the opportunity to handle some practical items that are of benefit for all the members of the community.

    Parish Registration & Envelope Use: It is both important and helpful that you register as part of the Cathedral Parish. It is important because we will have your contact information available to us. It is helpful in the future if you are looking for a sponsor certificate or a sacrament in the parish. Registration is easy and can be done at the parish website (www.thecathedralparish.org) or in person at the office. One element of registration is acquiring specific envelopes for you or your family. I would ask that you use the envelopes, even if you cannot contribute or give online (more information about online giving below). Very simply, we record the envelopes that are submitted, and it helps us know who is coming to church on a regular basis. This may not seem important or you may object to our tracking but let me provide you with an example as to why it is important even if you do not include anything in the envelope. For the last four years a notice of requirements has been published in the bulletin for those who wish to be godparents and sponsors. Someone in your family asks you to be a godparent and you need a certificate from the parish attesting that you are living out your faith. Regular weekly worship of Almighty God and the Lord Jesus is ESSENTIAL for the life of grace and faith. A person who is failing in this simple activity is not suitable to serve as a godparent, but it’s not a problem for you because you go every week and drop your envelope in the collection every week, full or empty. You come into the office and meet our lovely Office Manager Leo and ask for a certificate. Leo doesn’t recognize you even though you and she both go to Mass here regularly but go to different Masses and I’m out at a meeting or maybe we have not spoken individually before (sorry, logically I get to know people with whom I interact more often, but I’m trying to get to know everyone). Leo can open up your record, see the weekly envelope was given and, on the spot, cut you a certificate. Easy, no? We as a parish can vouch that you believe in the Lord Jesus, live the faith as passed through his Church and would make a great godparent. The alternative is that someone has not been in the building in a decade or more arrives in the office. “I didn’t know that St. Augustine and St. Patrick were together. When did that happen?” That’s not a good start to the conversation. Leo checks the file and finds that the person has not lived in the city for 10 years and goes nowhere. A certificate cannot be given and that’s when I or Fr. Alexis would have a meeting to take about living the faith and then asking for three months of weekly attendance at church before revisiting the possibility of a certificate. In short, come to Church, love the Lord and your neighbor AND register at the office and use your envelopes and it will be easy.

    Flocknote: I’m excited about this one. Flocknote is a program that allows for bulk emails, texts and notifications. So let’s say the skies open up and we get flooding in little old Bridgeport and need to cancel a class in September, which I know it’s a crazy idea but it can happen, right? Well, if you are registered for Flocknote and signed up for the correct group, you will receive an email, text and/or phone call notifying of the cancelation. Or let’s say you sign up for the news group and want to receive a regular email of different events, I can send it out and so on. It’s super easy to sign up. You can go to the website for our parish (https://app.flocknote.com/TheCathedralParish) and provide your name, email and cell phone.

    Another option, that is even easier, is to text “Bridgeport” to 84576 (or for Spanish text “Bridgeport” to 202765 3441 and follow the instructions that you receive. I would recommend that everyone enroll in Flocknote to stay apprised of updates and information.

    Prayer List: Our bulletin includes a list of people that have requested our prayers or those who have been placed on the list at the behest of a family member or friend. The list is long and it is possible that there are names on the list that need not be on it any longer. Therefore, I ask that everyone who wishes to have a name kept on the list please contact the office no later than November 30. Any names that are explicitly requested to remain on the list will be removed in December.

    Notification of Institutionalization and Requests for Visits: Privacy laws with regard to medical issues are very strict and it makes it difficult for us to track and learn where a person is unless we are told. If you go to the hospital or a convalescent home or some other form of temporary housing and would like for the clergy to visit and offer the sacraments of Reconciliation and/or Holy Communion, you need to contact the office to let us know.

    If you move from one institution to another, you also need to let us know as it is very difficult to ascertain that information otherwise. We are still working out some of the kinks in visits and establishing a list, especially as I’m still learning so much about what it means to be a pastor, however visits are important and we will get to the point that everyone who desires a visit will receive one and create a plan for frequency.

    Online Giving: The final practical item deals with money. I asked that you drop your envelope in the basket each week, whether or not you give in order to help track. I also said that you should give your empty envelope if you use online giving. Maybe this is news to some of you about online giving. Allow me to explain. From our parish website on the right side of the page, there is a link to create your account and enroll in the program. Let be honest that I wish everyone gave online for the simple reason that the collection can still happen even if the roads are closed due to snow, but it’s not only good for me and the parish’s bottom line. With online giving, you can connect payment to a credit card. Instead of dropping dollars in the envelope, you can now support the parish and our mission as a Christian community AND get free miles, points or rewards. Come on, what’s better than that!

    That should do it for this week. I know that these are a bunch of earthly, practical items, but they all assist us as a parish to function better and more efficiently. With any of these items, please do not hesitate to contact the office or reach out to me directly by email, phone or in person.

    Have a great week and see you again soon. You are in my prayers daily, especially during the offering of the sacrifice of the Holy Mass. Saint Augustine and Saint Patrick, our patrons, pray for us!

Fr. Novajosky




Online Giving

Online Giving

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